Welcome to your new home

We focus on introducing foreign visitors and/or their families to our culture

Introducing visitors to our culture, giving them the right tools for an appropiate integration to a new life in Mexico


The integration of international collaborators within companies is becoming more natural as part of a process of ecomonic growth, however a third of the placements fail, and the main which the will have to integrate, practical information of the day to day, and poor adaptation that in general sense does not allow the foreinger to focus on maximizing his potential within the position he performs.

At EXPAT MANAGEMENT MEXICO we help individuals and families resolve practical issues through 24 hours direct support 7 days a week. Together hand by hand we walk you to this cultural transition in the most professional way.

What will you get?

Adaptation guaranteed

Guarantee our customers a continuous professional service.

Integration to our culture

Integrate our clients into our culture with a very dynamic and reliable strategies.

Personalized Support

Resolution of practical needs during the arrival and adaptation period.


We protect our clients

Benefits of working with us

  • Effective adaptaion, which leads a likely succeed.
  • Reduce the risk of problems generated by cultural differences.
  • Acquisition of tools that optimize collaboration within the company.
  • For the family - who are those who have the greatest difficulty in adapting - obtain the necessary support to solve practical questions, understand local customs and cultural behaviors.
  • Concentration in the assigned work, and therefore, a better performance on it.